Alsate has a diverse range of inside doors lined with natural wood casing varnished in several types of wood like  (pine, mahogany, oak, chestnut wood, cherry wood, beech, afzelia, wenge, etc.) as well as lacquered in white or another colour the client wishes, PVC or CPL.

Inside doors can be plain, with glass, decorated in a contemporary style with different models, or have a classical inspiration.

Alsate also markets a pre-assembled factory range which is called portaro. This range is composed of a door, voussoir and decoration in solid wood, sealant in rubber, lock and hinges, all the components being varnished or lacquered according to what the client wishes.

We also supply handles and other accessories for doors.


We create atmospheres, we create comfort and harmony.

We adapt spaces to the real needs of our clients always according to their personal taste.



Our wardrobes are manufactured with structures with agglomerate finished in wood colour, lined and with a depth of 12 mm, the frames being made of solid wood.



These can be sliding doors or normal doors according to the use of space and the clients’ taste. There is quite a variety of models that can be the same as the inside doors, (plain, with stripes, cushioned, straight or chapel style) with glass and having a solid wood or steel frame, lined with mirrors, etc.



Sliding drawers with or without shock absorbers, oscillating handrails, metallic baskets, inside light, sliding hangers for skirts, trousers, ties, incorporated shoe racks, drawers for shirts, simple handrails, shelves and partitions.



In pine wood, mahogany, agba, cherry wood, oak, white or vaporized beech, afzelia, wenge or another wood the client wishes, varnished with colour or natural looking. In lacquered MDF. Plain melamine or imitation wood.

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The range of kitchens produced by Alsate can be divided in base materials and styles, their structure being marine plywood when convenient.

SOLID WOOD (beech, oak, walnut, cherry wood, chestnut wood, mahogany, pine).

VENEER (chipboard, plywood, MDF) – simplicity together with practicability.

POST-FORMING OR LAMINATED MATERIALS– a large range of options and solutions in different colours and patterns.

LACQUERED MATERIALS – ideal if you are looking for choice and quality

PVC – ergonomics and natural looking.

FINISHES have always been one of our main concerns, from the accessories to the equipment to be included in the kitchens, as well as the finishes in terms of the paintwork, which includes varnishing and high quality and 5 year guarantee lacquering.


Concepts unite, time advances. With the same dynamics, kitchens progress presenting various designs, shapes, materials and colour tones.


Elegant, modern and very functional. The placing of each element was thought through in detail so that each moment spent here is comfortable and pleasurable.


Where there is wood there is art. When wood and art are joined together infinite possibilities result, which lead to high quality works. The finishes can be in patina, pickled or wood stain.

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Our company offers a wide range of products and services:

Supply and assembly of:

- Carpentry (Portaros, decorations, head rails and bottom rails of blinds).

- Kitchen Furniture.

- Wardrobes in many styles.

- Stairs.

- Dropped wood ceiling (plain or with decoration).

- Bathroom furniture.

- Beams for wood burning stoves.

-  Pergolas (roofing).

- Indoor remodelling.

- Inside and outside doors.

- Safety doors and fire doors.

- Folding doors.

- Solid wood or plywood panelling.

- Church Decoration.

- Solid wood floorboards.

- Pavements with all types of flooring.

- Furniture for courthouses.

We work with many types of wood (mahogany, pine, agba, oak, chestnut wood, Brazilian or American cherry wood, wenge, sasswood, sucupira, afzelia, etc.), chipboard, veneers, MDF, melamine, plywood, etc. Our finishes are with dissolvent or aqueous products. We do any type of lacquered finish.

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