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Lacquerede kitchen with wenge

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White and grey kitchen

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High gloss kitchen

Welcome to our website

ALSATE, LDª is a company that is specialized in the production of portaros, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobes, stairs, floors and all types of carpentry and decoration of shops and church interiors all according to the taste and specific need of each client.

Located in the centre of Portugal in Amieira- Regueira de Pontes – Leiria, the company exercises all round the country and abroad in the supply and application of each product it produces, providing quality work with a 5 year guarantee.

The company is constantly looking for modern, practical and quality solutions, this being the main characteristic of the company, which is based on the preciseness of the work carried out.

ALSATE, LDª has been in the market for 23 years and is always producing quality, having adapted itself to present reality.